Accessibility for blind players

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General Resources

Many items on this list were shamelessly lifted from Neophyte's article:

  • Able Gamers. Accessibility resources for caregivers, game developers, and gamers.
  • Assistive Gaming Interactive Fiction page. An blog post on accessible interactive fiction for newcomers.
  • Audio Games. A catalogue of audio games to download and play.
  • Audio Games’ Resource Page. A wealth of articles, transcripts and documents relating to accessibility gaming.
  • Audyssey. An audio gamers mailing list.
  • Game Accessibility. The website of a research project that focuses on the accessibility of electronic games for gamers with disabilities.
  • Kitchen’s Inc. Web site for accessible games made by Jim Kitchen.
  • PCS games. An accessible game development company. Includes useful links to other accessible gaming sites.
  • USA Games Interactive. Audio gaming site for the company USA Games Interactive.
  • Incant open source Android interpreter app with both speech output and speech recognition, could be further developed to have voice game selection and menu navigation.
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