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Does anyone else find the existence of this category to be, well, icky? My objections:

  • First, I don't like the subtle suggestion that the people so listed here are better or more worthy people than other authors. Is the idea to build them a shrine here or what?
  • Second, I think it's rather parochial to name the category "Award Winner" if it's only going to refer to people whose games won Xyzzy Awards. There are other awards out there, y'know?
  • Third, isn't it incorrect to list the people as the winners? I thought the games won.

I'm not suggesting that the category must be deleted, although I'd prefer that. I will suggest that if the category is kept, that it be renamed to "XYZZY Award Winner (People)", and that a complimentary category "XYZZY Award Winner (Games)" is also created. -- David Welbourn 10:37, 26 Jan 2005 (Central Standard Time)

I created it and wasn't really thinking when I did. I agree with your assessment and you can feel free to delete this or anything similar from the ifwiki. I think the voice we're creating is mostly neutral and we should continue that. --David Cornelson 14:08, 26 Jan 2005 (Central Standard Time)