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Ozmoo is an interpreter for the Z-machine on the Commodore 64, written in assembler by Johan Berntsson and Fredrik Ramsberg. The Ozmoo software package is used to bundle games with the interpreter and produce disk images for the C64. It can be downloaded and used on a Windows, Linux or Mac OS X computer, or used in a web browser at Ozmoo Online.

It supports Z-machine versions 3, 4, 5, and 8.

License: GPL 2.0 - Can be used freely, even in commercial projects.


  • Named saves (Use a blank, formatted disk for saves, in the same drive as the game, or in a different drive)
  • Customizable colours.
  • Ozmoo fits a little more text on the screen than Infocom's terps. It uses all 40 columns, adds linebreaks smarter and has a smarter MORE prompt.
  • Embedding a custom font (character set). A few fonts are included with the distribution, but you can also supply your own font or, of course, use the system font.
  • Customizable colours.
  • Timed input, as used in Borderzone.
  • The interpreter and as much of the story file as possible is stored in compressed form in a single file, which means loading is quick if the player has any kind of fastload cart.
  • The person bundling the game with Ozmoo can optimize which parts of the story are loaded with the initial file, to minimize disk reads at the beginning of the game.
  • A small game (story file < about 50 KB) can be stored as a single file which does not require a disk drive to play. Save/restore does require a disk drive.
  • A game up to about 190 KB can be stored on one or two disk sides, and played on a system with a single 1541 drive.
  • Ozmoo fully supports using extended tracks, allowing for games up to about 210 KB on two disk sides. However, not all emulators support extended tracks, and neither does any version of SD2IEC.
  • Larger games can be built and stored on two or three disk sides, but they will require a system with dual 1541 drives to play.
  • Custom alphabet table (typically used for non-English games)
  • Custom character mappings (Needed to play non-English games because accented characters don't exist in PETSCII)
  • Comes with the fonts and character mappings needed for games in Swedish and German.