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A previous version:

The person who writes and codes a work of Interactive Fiction.

Commenting on the above version:

What if the work is a collaboration? If one person only writes and the other only codes, are they both considered authors? If so, change the "and" to an "and/or" in the def. above. JdBerry - 09 Sep 2002

JD Berry makes a good point, but I don't know that's it's worth specifically addressing the issue of collaboration here. Perhaps it's better just to refer to "designer" instead? The term I had been using was programmer/author, in parallel with player/reader, but that's because I'm writing from within the field of English literature. -- DGJ - 10 Sep 2002

Although the work of a collaboration is relative to both the writer and the programmer, I don't consider it necessary to specify in this glossary which elements of the collaboration each person deals with. Ultimately, they create the final product, together. KateSkinner - 21 Nov 2002