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I think there should be more information about what help information is available on the CD, if any. -- Fredrik Ramsberg

What sort of help are you looking for? Do you mean game help? Programming help? Walkthroughs, hints? --David Cornelson 09:27, 8 Aug 2005 (Central Daylight Time)

Pretty much everything really. Not programming help, since I suppose this disk is not about introducing IF programming. Exactly what games are on the disk is of course important information, but what other material is on it is at least as important. If this should work as "The complete introduction to IF", I think you have to include some sort of "How to play IF games" text, including topics like What is an IF game, What does the prompt mean, What kind of sentences can I expect the game to understand, What happens if I don't type anything for a while, How do I interact with people etc. I would at least *like* to have a disk which a total newbie can bring along with his laptop on a train trip or to a cabin out in the woods and never say "I wish I would have googled for this or downloaded that when I had an internet connection". To this end, some walkthroughs and hint files would also be a really good idea. -- Fredrik Ramsberg

Having help available on the CD is really a big wish, but what I originally asked for is still the most important - a description of what is actually there. -- Fredrik Ramsberg