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I'm Robin Douglas Johnson. (I go and write by Robin Johnson, but there's another IF author called Robin Johnson and I guess they got there first.)

I've written three games so far: Hamlet, Aunts and Butlers (17th place in the 2006 IFComp, and finalists for Best NPCs and Best Individual NPC in the 2007 Xyzzies), and Portcullis, an old-school-style comic fantasy released in January 2016 to celebrate the 35th birthday of Zork.

I write using my own javascript engine, "Versificator", which I flatter myself is pretty good. Yes, I sometimes tear my hair out trying to do something that would take two minutes in Inform or Tads. On the other hand, it runs in a web browser with no load time, I can distribute my game to non-"IF people"* without having to talk them through what an interpreter is, I feel I have complete control over the feel of the games, and heck, I enjoy it.

[* Sometimes I've had people compliment on me on "this cool new kind of game".]

I've also dabbled in Inform 7, to write, as far as I know, the only playable meta-sonnet:

Will's Study is a room. The desk is here.
A hastily handwritten note is on it.
Description is "It's from your friend Shakespeare:
'I've gone to lunch. You'll have to write the sonnet.'"
Composing is an action applying to nothing.
The quill is a thing that is in the study.
Understand "write sonnet" as composing.
Description of the quill is "Old and cruddy".
Instead of composing when the player
does not have the quill, say "You've no quill."
Instead of composing: say "And... done. 'Heya',
says Will, returning. You say, 'Hello, Will!'
Says Shakespeare, 'Thank you for the time you've taken...'";	
End the story saying "'...Francis Bacon.'"