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Hello! This is IF author Tyler Zahnke, believe it or not. I am glad to be on a list with a bunch of other interactive fiction programmers and players. Knowing how long IF games have been around, I can say this; I am a newbie. I started teaching myself computer programming in 2006, and interest in game development came up in 2007. I never really thought about interactive fiction until either late 2011 or early 2012. I love playing games on the Create Your Own Adventure site. My favorite IF games are the web browser kind (which all games on the above-mentioned site are), because you don't need to download any virtual consoles). I'm thinking about downloading the Z-machine that plays Inform Z files (Z5, Z8, etc.). I like making in-browser games. I have made games using the general-purpose languages HTML, JavaScript, and even MediaWiki. Maybe if I do it just right, I can win a XYZZY.