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Hi. I just uploaded a large cover image for a game, and I don't understand what tags ifwiki would like me to add to it, as per directions on this page:

- Does 'image creator' mean the person who drew it, or a piece of software used to produce it? - Is the author link meant to be the author of the game, or the author of the image? - What is platform for? Again, is it for the game platform, or software used to make the image or something? Thanks.

Wade Clarke

Uh, yeah, I guess that's a bit confusing. The short answer is: we merely want to give credit to the right people where credit is due.

  • By "image creator", we want to know which person drew it, especially if the artist is not the same person as the game's author. I'll edit that part of style guide to be less ambiguous.
  • The author link is meant to be the author of the game, as per Game reference (style guide).
  • Likewise, the platform is meant to be the game's platform, since it's also part of the game reference.

We're not really concerned about the software made to create the image. Usually there's no obvious way to tell. If you know the software used and feel like letting us (and other artists know), feel free to include that info with a statement like "The image was created with the MacSpiffy DrawPro program" but that's an optional bit of info. Likewise if any cool fonts were used in the cover art; we don't need to know about fonts, but you can certainly tell us if you want to. -- David Welbourn 23:30, 22 October 2011 (PDT)