Best Female PC (Erins)

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Awarded to best female player-character in a work of AIF. It is not required that the character has a name.

From the 2005 ballot:

Best character categories: award to characters that were compelling to play (for PC's) or encounter (for NPC's), who contributed significantly to the overall telling of the story and who had some depth and created interest in furthering interaction (sexual or not) with that character.


Note: A "first age game" was written prior to 2000; a "new age game" is one written on or after 2000.

  • Best Female PC in a First Age Game: Emy in Emy Discovers Life (Mkj),
  • Best Female PC in a New Age Game: Candy Dashwood in Academy of Spies (Adam Hendine).


  • Best Female Player-Character: Lara Croft in Lara Croft: The Sun Obelisk (Christopher Cole).
    • 2nd place: Massassi Cheralol in Planescape: Encounters 1 (Massassi Cheralol).
    • 3rd place: Samantha Rains in Netherworld: The Depths of Kavonar (Timberwulf).


  • Best Female Player-Character: British Fox in British Fox and the Celebrity Abductions (Lucilla Frost).
    • 2nd place: Laurie in Sam Shooter IV: Children of the Damned (One-Eyed Jack).
    • 3rd place: Janey in Janey's Diary (BBBen).
    • 4th place: Samantha in Dear Diary 2: Prom Night (Wotan-Anubis).