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{{game infobox|title=Comédie|image=|author=MonsieurBouc as "Edgar Havre"|publisher=n/a|released= 2-Feb-2015|authsystem=Inform 7|platform=Glulx|language=French|license=Freeware|color=none|graphics=none|sound=none|cruelty=Merciful}

How It Begins

It is winter and night is beginning. Street lights that line the street reflect the windows. A few cars rumble past noisily on the pavement.

Couples walk by, dressed in thick overcoats and hats. A chestnut vendor reads a newspaper by the light of a fire.

The imposing Teatro delle Muse appears at the corner of a street, grabbing your thoughts. You enter through a small door set into a much larger one made of raw wood. The door closes behind you.


General info