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Game Releases

July 2005 Game Releases

June 2005 Game Releases

May 2005 Game Releases

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Review & Article News

Reviews and News in July 2005

  • SPAG 41 released on July 15th. Contains reviews of Bolivia By Night, Catseye, Conan Kill Everything, The Dreamhold, Façade, The Fire Tower, Heist, Moonglow, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, and Wumpus 2000.
  • Forbes article on Malinche - "Interactive Fiction Comes of Age; 'Novel' of 21st Century Goes Mobile; Available on iPod July 15". Contains short quotes from Howard A. Sherman and Marc Blank.
  • Review Exchange - Issue 5 (July 2005) is now available from David Whyld's Shadow Vault. Contains reviews of The Adventure Of Space Boy!, Escape To Freedom, The Final Question, The Fire Tower, Future Boy, Halloween Hijinks, In The Claws Of Clueless Bob, Lauren’s Awakening, Murder Mansion, Must Escape!,Normville, Outline, Point 2 Point, Rift, Sex Artist, Silk Road Secrets: Samarkand To Lop Nor, The Will, Zack Smackfoot: Escape The Jungle Terror.

Reviews and News in June 2005

Reviews and News in May 2005

  • InsideADRIFT 23 Articles by David Whyld, Richard Otter and Christy Henshaw.
  • Review Exchange - Issue 4 (May 2005) is now available from David Whyld's Shadow Vault. Contains reviews of Authority, Bedlam, Bolivia, Castle Quest, A Day At The Seaside, Fire In The Blood, Flat Feet, Frustrated Interviewee, House Husband, How It All Started, The Monster In The Mirror, The Mystery Of The Darkhaven Caves, Private Eye, The Prostitute, Selma’s Will, Threnody, Whom The Telling Changed.

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Competitions & Contest News

What's Hot

  • IntroComp 2005 released seven bright new introductions of new games on July 24th. Voting ends on Sat. August 6th, 2005, 11:59 EST. Organizer: Jacqueline A. Lott.

Results of Recent Competitions

Upcoming Competitions

Authors should be working on their entries for:

Competition Rumours

  • Rumours are buzzing about a possible Hugo Mini-Comp? Suggested submission date: July 4th.
  • Will there be an IF Art Show this year? Probably, but no announcement has been made yet. Details here when we have 'em.

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Website News

  • IFCollab is the new home of the IF Collaborators List, currently maintained by Mike Snyder.
  • Game of the Week is a site suggesting one game each week to discuss on The idea is to get more attention to non-comp games, to the benefit of authors and players alike.
  • Renga in Blue is Jason Dyer's new IF blog. Check it out!
  • IFWiki officially open to the public on Feb. 10, 2005.
  • gets hacked twice, hampering efforts to move accounts to a new machine. Seebs is working hard on the problem.
  • IF Primogenesis- Mind's Eye Adventures IF Gold a brand-new IF community site dedicated to preservation of IF public heritage works as a new WIP Database. Similar efforts have preserved games on other platforms, eg. the Classic Amiga Preservation Society is one model community. This one is being developed, so stay posted for go-live updated website soon.

Tech News

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