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(This page is no longer updated. For competition news from 2015 on, see Competition news. See also: Category:Competitions and Category:Minicomp.)

Game Releases

September 2012 Game Releases

July 2012 Game Releases

June 2012 Game Releases

April 2012 Game Releases

March 2012 Game Releases

December 2011 Game Releases

November 2011 Game Releases

Thanksgiving Speed-IF

Thanksgiving Speed-IF released 6 games on 27-Nov:

October 2011 Game Releases

IF Comp 2011

IF Comp 2011 released 38 games on 01-Oct:

July 2011 Game Releases

IntroComp 2011

IntroComp 2011 released 13 games on 01-Jul:

May 2011 Game Releases

Non-competition games

2011 AIF Mini-comp

2011 AIF Mini-comp released 7 games on 19-May:

Indigo New Language Speed-IF

Indigo New Language Speed-IF released 10 games on 07-May:

April 2011 Game Releases

Non-competition games

The Challenge

The Challenge released 3 games on April 24:

Speed-IF Jacket 4

Speed-IF Jacket 4 released 8 games on April 16:

Spring Thing 2011

Spring Thing 2011 released 5 games on April 4:

March 2011 Game Releases

PAX East 2011 Speed-IF

(See also Games Released in 2012.)

News and Reviews

News and Reviews in January 2013

News and Reviews in February 2012

News and Reviews in June 2011

News and Reviews in April 2011

News and Reviews in February 2011

News and Reviews in January 2011

(See also: News in 2011, Reviews, Publications, Websites, IF URLs, and Brass Lantern Game News.)