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* Voting ends: Feb 2nd 2014.
* Voting ends: Feb 2nd 2014.
* ''[[Life On Mars?]]'' (Anonymous as "Brad Bradbury"; 10-Jan-2014; [[Z-code]]).
# ''[[Life On Mars?]]'' ([[Hugo Labrande]] as "Brad Bradbury"; 10-Jan-2014; [[Z-code]]).
* ''[[Noir d'Encre]]'' (Anonymous as "le Nahual"; 10-Jan-2014; Z-code).
# ''[[Noir d'Encre]]'' ([[Natrium]] as "le Nahual"; 10-Jan-2014; Z-code).
* ''[[La Source de Zig]]'' (Anonymous; 10-Jan-2014; Z-code).
# ''[[La Source de Zig]]'' ([[Benjamin Roux]] as Anonymous; 10-Jan-2014; Z-code).
* ''[[Trac]]'' (Anonymous as "Mélpomène"; 10-Jan-2014; Z-code).
# ''[[Trac]]'' ([[Eric Forgeot]] as "Mélpomène"; 10-Jan-2014; Z-code).

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French Comp 2012 logo
French Minicomp 2012-2013 is the 8th French competition in this series. The organizer is Eric Forgeot, also known as Otto Grimwald. The competition logo was created by Benjamin Roux. The themes were proposed by Stormi and Benjamin Roux.

Due to delays and a forecast of low participation, the Minicomp 2012 was pushed back to 2013; authors who wanted to enter the 2012 Comp did not release their games and waited for 2013.


The complete rules (in French) are there.

  • Entries must be written in the French language, but may use any authoring system.
  • The suggested (but not required) themes are "female protagonist" and/or "Africa".


  • Submission deadline: December 31st 2013 (late entries: no later than January 10th 2014).
  • Voting starts: January 10th 2014.
  • Voting ends: Feb 2nd 2014.


  1. Life On Mars? (Hugo Labrande as "Brad Bradbury"; 10-Jan-2014; Z-code).
  2. Noir d'Encre (Natrium as "le Nahual"; 10-Jan-2014; Z-code).
  3. La Source de Zig (Benjamin Roux as Anonymous; 10-Jan-2014; Z-code).
  4. Trac (Eric Forgeot as "Mélpomène"; 10-Jan-2014; Z-code).