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Games referenced in this article

WARNING: This article may contain some spoilers about the following games:

Homosexuality as incidental

Some IF games have included characters whose homosexuality is not presented as unusual. These games do not delve deeply into queer issues, but instead (arguably) normalise homosexuality by making it a secondary or non-issue.

  • The Lost Spellmaker features a female PC with a female love-interest. At one point the protagonist expresses confusion over what the word 'lesbian' means, and dismisses it as poor English. This game was associated with (although it may not have directly resulted from) a rec.games.int-fiction discussion over whether an IF game with a homosexual protagonist would have to involve homosexuality as its main subject.
  • The PC of A Day for Fresh Sushi is in a committed lesbian relationship; hints about the relationship are revealed through exploration of the environment.

Homosexuality in AIF

AIF tends to follow the lead of mainstream pornography (as opposed to, for instance, fanfiction) in that it is overwhelmingly written for heterosexual males. Thus, lesbianism is a common theme but rarely presented seriously; most lesbians turn out to be enthusiastic bisexuals, and games which primarily or solely feature lesbianism (Kissing Cousins, Archie's Birthday) are primarily written for a straight male audience. Male homosexuality is generally rare, does not tend to be explicit, and is usually presented negatively.

The following AIF games are of interest for diverging somewhat from this norm:

  • In Hotel Paradise, a primarily heterosexual PC is given the option of briefly experimenting with homosexuality.

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