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There are some recurring themes and elements in IF that have been so overused they make seasoned players groan. Usually you want to think again before you make a story using one of these. Unless you're very, very good and can put a creative twist on it.

The College Dorm Room 
The game starts in your college dorm room, because hey, you're in college, you've just discovered IF, and you think being able to simulate an environment that's familiar to you in a computer is just the most fun thing ever. And adding simulations of your college roommates with snarky injokes makes it even better! Sure it is. But it's really boring to other people. This will get you 75% of the way to an instant >QUIT from your game without even trying.
My Messy Bedroom 
Same as the College Dorm Room only it's your room at home. In your parents basement. There's clothing scattered all over the floor and there's probably a puzzle involving either underpants or an electric guitar before you can leave the room. See above.