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In the table below, "g." means games, "c." means categories, and "n" means nominations. "2 of 10g.; 5 of 8c.; of 23n." means that 2 of 10 nominated games won awards in 5 of 8 categories from a total of 23 finalist nominations.

Year ADRIFT Alan Glulx Hugo TADS 2 TADS 3 Z-code Other Total [1]
1996 [2] - - - - 3 of 7g.
5 of 7c.
of 17n.
- 2 of 10g.
5 of 8c.
of 23n.
- 5 of 17g.
10 of 8c.
of 40n.


  1. Ties in first round voting can mean there's more than 5 finalists per category, and therefore more than 50 nominations for a given year.
  2. In 1996, there were only 8 categories. The award categories Best Individual PC and Best Use of Medium had not yet been created. Also, there was a three-way tie for Best Individual NPC, which is why the table has "10 of 8c.", meaning ten awards for eight categories.
  3. There's some uncertainty in the reporting of the finalists for 1999's Best Individual Puzzle. This table assumes that either Break-In or Jewel of Knowledge (but not both) was a finalist.