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Hi guys. I tried to update my review page link to the following address(necessarily obfuscated)

wadesblogofifcomp2012 DOT blogspot DOT com/

because my original page had to move and change its name, but ifwiki wouldn't allow this change, as it said the site was blacklisted.

Does some exception have to be made to let this link in? If so, could a powerful but kind soul please make that exception and paste my new link in? Thank you. - Wade Clarke

Done. (The blacklisted sites are on MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist, and the exceptions are on MediaWiki:Spam-whitelist.) --Eriorg 11:18, 4 October 2012 (CDT)

Can someone do the same for me? The blog is therestofyourmice (dot blogspot dot com) and I promise it's not evil or anything.  :) Not surprisingly I don't have authority to add it to the whitelist myself. -- SOdhner