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Thunderword is a unified IF interpreter app for Android. The author and maintainer is Stephen Gutknecht under the brand "Wake Reality".

Thunderword combines the abilities of many compiled Linux interpreters and is currently able to play games targeted for the following platforms: Glulx, ScottAdams, Level 9, TADS 2, TADS 3, and Z-code (multiple interpreters included). HTML TADS is not supported (text only).

Thunderword is currently in alpha pre-release on the Google Play store. A full public rollout is expected sometime before April 1, 2017. Thunderword is offered in two app flavors, "experimental" and "standard". Both apps can be installed side-by-side and either one selected for running a story.

A notable feature of Thunderword is that it is built around RemGlk and offers data sharing between Android apps. The input and output from interpreters can be shared app to app using JSON with either WebSockets or Android's native broadcasts data sharing. Thunderword also has an API for other apps to launch fiction stories, encouraging multiple apps to take on the role of downloading, finding, rating, and organizing the thousands of available IF stories.


  • [1] - Wake Reality's homepage.