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New development is still underway.
New development is still underway.
A browser-based implementation of Trizbort called [[Trizbort.io]] now exists at http://trizbort.io.

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Trizbort is a Windows-based GUI application that allows a user to generate a map of parser-based text. It can also generate a map from a transcript, with help from the user. It supports line and room styles as seen in the old InfoCom InvisiClues packages.

Among Trizbort's features are the ability to export a user-created map to compileable Inform 7, Inform 6 or TADS code, as well as to several graphical formats.

Trizbort was created by Genstein in 2010. In January 2015, Jason Lautzenheiser released version 1.5, which made changes to allow for regions, easier room coloring, and quick-saving graphics. Later point releases included bug fixes, new accelerators and other user-friendliness additions.

New development is still underway.

A browser-based implementation of Trizbort called Trizbort.io now exists at http://trizbort.io.


  • v1.5.8.9 (6/2/2015) - Map statistics, swap elements in a room, automapper improvements, bug fixes.
  • v1.5.8.8 (5/5/2015) - Export code (I7, I6, TADS3) to clipboard, automapper can start processing from end of transcript, automapper speedup and improvements, updated documentation and sample maps.
  • v1.5.8.7 (4/20/2015) - automapper handles UNDO, connections can be colored, individual room border styles.
  • v1.5.8.5 (3/31/2015) - finer zoom control, additional 2nd room fill styles, subtitles added to rooms, insert rooms, code export fixes, bug fixes & UI improvements.
  • v1.5.7.1 (3/6/2015) - selected items visualization improvements, keyboard improvements
  • v1.5.6.3 (2/20/2015) - copy/paste of elements, rooms can have individual coloring, split room coloring, app settings dialog, smart save, regions, context menus, bug fixes and usability improvements.

Full list of improvements at: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/JasonLautzenheiser/trizbort/master/Revisions.txt