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Erins 2005
Best Beta-Tester
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Erins 2006
Best Beta-Tester

Author Credits

  • Parlour (01-Apr-2004; TADS 2). A. Bomire's 2004 Mini-Comp: joint 2nd place.
    • Erins 2004: Winner of Best One-Night Stand Game.
      Also finalist in 3 other categories: 3rd Best Male Player-Character, 4th Best Male/Female Sex Scene, and 3rd Best Technical Implementation / Use of Medium.
  • The Sex Artist (Jun-2005; TADS 2). CCAB Comp 2005: 1st place.
    • Erins 2005: Runner-up in 3 categories: 2nd Best Male PC (Buzz), 2nd Best M/F Sex Scene (Buzz/Claire), and 2nd Best Sex Overall.
      Also finalist in 6 other categories: 3rd Best Male NPC (Jim), 3rd Best Female NPC (Claire), 3rd Best Writing, 4th Best Game, 4th and 5th Best Threesome/Orgy (Buzz/Liz/Jim and Buzz/Toni/Claire, respectively), and 5th Best Technical Implementation.
  • Malaise (17-Oct-2006; TADS 2).
    • Erins 2006: Runner-up in 5 categories: 2nd Best Threesome/Orgy (PC/Morghana/Kim), 2nd Best Writing, 2nd Best Technical Implementation, 2nd Best Gameplay/Puzzles, and 2nd Best Game of the Year.
      Also nominated for Best Male PC, Best Female NPC (Queen Morghana), Best M/F Sex Scene (PC/Morghana and PC/Kim), Best Threesome/Orgy (PC/Morghana/Fanny and PC/Morghana/Ilsa), and Best Sex Overall.
  • HORSE (11-May-2007; TADS 2). 2007 AIF Mini-comp: 3rd place.
    • Erins 2007: Winner of Best One-on-One Sex Scene (PC/Ana), Best Technical Implementation, and Most Innovative Game.
      Also placed 2nd for Best NPC (Ana) and Best Short Game.

Organizational Credits

Testing Credits