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Science Fiction
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I.A.G. Alpha
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Author(s) Serhii Mozhaiskyi
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Release date(s) 01-Oct-2018
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Platform(s) MS-Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Web browser
Language(s) English
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How It Begins

You may think this game is about a post-Soviet Research Institute. About an experiment that went out of control. You may think that the initials "I.A.G." are somehow related to the Institute. You may think this game is unfinished. You may even think that the game ends exactly as the author tells you.

But then you will figure it out -- these statements are not entirely true.

  • There are two endings in this game.
  • Credits roll at the end of the game.
  • If you do not see the credits roll, you haven't reached the end of the game. Yet.


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