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This is an area for organising the development of IFWiki.

There are three main ways to discuss IFWiki:

  1. On the talk page which is associated with this page: IFWiki talk:Community portal.
  2. Each page has an associated talk page: click the "Discussion" link on any page.
  3. The busy IntFiction forum has an IF Community Resources category.


IFWiki uses many categories to organize pages. The top-level category is Basics.

Some notable categories are:


  • Category:User pages is where to find the pages that IFWiki users have created about themselves. Some users have opted to redirect their user pages to the more formalized pages about themselves in Category:People.
  • Special:Listusers is an automatically generated list of all IFWiki user accounts. Names in red have created user accounts but have not created their user page.
  • IFWiki:Administrators shows a summary of IFWiki's caretakers and their usual roles in keeping IFWiki running.

Wanted Pages

  • Special:Wantedpages is an automatically generated list of pages that have been named in links, but not yet created. Note, some of these may be misspellings, you may want to modify the link in that case, others may be correct alternative spellings/namings or concepts which could be merged, in which case creating a redirect is probably best. Please make sure a page does not exist before you create a new one.

To Do

We're always looking for content about works of interactive fiction, old and new, of course.

Technical Problems

If you have a technical problem with IFWiki, please ask about it on the IFWiki talk:Community portal page. It may take time for someone knowledgable with tech stuff to respond though, so please be patient.