List of people categories

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As of August 2013, these are the subcategories within the People category. Note that most of these categories classify people by which authoring system they used to author a work of interactive fiction:

Note that a person's page might also be added to a few additional categories that are not subcategories of People.

  • If a person worked for commercial developer or publisher of IF, and that company is itself a category in IFWiki, then that person's page should be added to that company's category. For example, Steve Meretzky is in the Infocom category.
  • If a person created an authoring system, he or she should be added to that authoring system's category. For example, Campbell Wild is in the ADRIFT category.
  • If a person speaks a language other than English, he or she can be added to that language's category. For example, French speakers are added to the French category.