The Neinth annual New Year's Minicomp

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This is also the ninth in a series of New Year's minicomps. The organizer was Marius Müller a.k.a. Taleslinger.



Wait a minute … another comp? Isn’t there interesting stuff already running, like imaginary games from imaginary universes, a little known thing called Spring Thing and of course the annual german Grand Prix?

Isn’t that enough comps? Our answer, of course is


(Yes, we’re bringing the punny titles back.)

it’s my pleasure to announce the The Neinth annual New Year’s Minicomp!

For those unfamiliar with this, a short explanation as to the motivation behind it. It’s meant to offer people a chance at writing a small work of IF at the end of the year. This year, we follow our tradition of having next to no rules:

1) Write whatever game you like, in any system you like. (Take note of the CF announcement below).

2) Finish any project you have been working on.

Any approach that lies between the two is also okay.

If you’re thinking “So am I allowed to…” the answer is „yes, absolutely, please do“. To make it clear: You have to work very hard to come up with something I won’t allow as an entry. (If you scribble a 3 room CYOA on a piece of paper and mail it to me, I’ll consider it a qualified entry. If you write an automated haiku generator, sure, why not. Anything is allowed.) [Anything illegal or in bad faith will be disqualified. No refunds.]

If you’re in need of some inspiration the IF Name Generator which can be found here :

Games should be submitted to by 23:59 GMT+1, Jan 2rd 2016.

The games will be played on Clubfloyd on January 3rd (Thanks, Jacq!) So, if you want your game to be CF compatible, choose your format accordingly. According to ifwiki:


ClubFloyd games absolutely must be programmed in ADRIFT, AGT, Choice Script, Glulx, Hugo, Inform, or TADS (2 or 3) because those are the only games that run on our bot, Floyd.

Thank you and , most importantly, have fun!


  • The minicomp begins: December 1, 2015.
  • Submission deadline: January 4, 2016.
  • Release date: January 5, 2016.



  • Download link wanted.
  • (intfiction forum posting link wanted)


  • (link to transcript of ClubFloyd session wanted)