The penultimate not numbered New Year's Speed IF

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The seventy-fifth Speed-IF was announced on December 2, 2011 and ran until the end of 2011. The organizer was Marius Müller a.k.a. Taleslinger. All games playable on Floyd were played by ClubFloyd on New Year's Day, Jan 1, 2012 at noon Eastern in the Toyshop on ifMud.


1) Write whatever game you like, in any system you like, starting now. Games should be submitted by December 31st.

2) If you want to take the classical Speed IF route, take two hours, or however much you like, and use one/all/none of the items mentioned on this list:

  • your mum's shoes
  • Italians
  • a tanning bed
  • a copy of Doom III
  • the color chatreuse
  • Tiny Tim (preferably as a foe)
  • the smell of your evil twin
  • an e-peen hammer (whatever that may be)
  • A shirt which says "I killed my father and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

Any approach that lies between the two is also okay.

If you're thinking "So am I allowed to..." the answer is yes.

Games should be submitted to by 23:59 GMT+1, Dec. 30th 2011.


Games were considered released on 31-Dec-2011:


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