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A map being drawn in
Styling a map in is a browser-based web app that allows users to draw adventure game maps online. Maps can be saved locally, exported as images, and code can be generated from them for TADS 3, Inform 7, Alan and Quest. It supports line and room styles as seen in the old Infocom Invisiclues packages. is inspired by Trizbort, originally created by Genstein in 2010 and enhanced and maintained since 2015 by Jason Lautzenheiser. implements most features Trizbort has, and adds Bézier splines for room connections and easier map theming. is developed and maintained by Alexander van Oostenrijk.


  • Drag rooms, notes and area onto the map
  • Create connections between rooms by dragging
  • Edit room name and contents
  • Create one-directional connections, curved connections, circular connections
  • Create rectangular, elliptical or octagonal rooms
  • Apply themes to quickly style maps
  • Style elements individually: fill style and color, stroke style and color, text color etc.
  • Export any map to a high-resolution PNG image
  • Save work in progress to the local computer
  • Perform code generation for TADS 3, Inform 7, Alan and Quest


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