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Gargoyle Photopia.png
Developer Tor Andersson, Ben Cressey
Type Interpreter
Stable release 2011.1
Development release n/a
Operating system Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Written in C++, C
License(s) GPL (front-end code), others (interpreters)
Website garglk homepage, Original Gargoyle homepage
NOTE: This article is about the interpreter. For the ChoiceScript game by Simon, see Gargoyle (game).

Gargoyle is a Glk API library for both the UNIX and MS-Windows operating systems. It was specially designed to optimize the typography of the I/O system. Gargoyle was originally developed by Tor Andersson. It is currently maintained by Ben Cressey.

The name Gargoyle is also used to refer to the set of interpreters (with a common front-end) which Andersson ported to use his Gargoyle library. The interpreters currently (as of June 2009 with some 2017 edits) included in this set are:

  • for Alan games (v2 and v3):
    • ARUN 2.8(6)
    • ARUN 3.0 beta2
  • for Hugo games:
    • Hugo 3.1
  • for TADS 2 and TADS 3 games:
    • TADS 2.5.12/3.0.16
    • HTML TADS is not supported yet.
  • for JACL games:
    • JACL 2.3.14


Gargoyle is intended to care about typography, that is, to render the IF in a way most comfortable for reading. Features include specially chosen fonts, kerning, ligatures, text justification and many others. The options can be fine tuned in the simple text file 'garglk.ini'; for example, using Notepad on MS Windows, the text justification can be turned on by changing the line containing:

justify		0	# 0=ragged-right 1=justified


justify		1	# 0=ragged-right 1=justified

See also: Spatterlight, a similar program for MacOS X.


  • Gargoyle - Gargoyle's homepage.
  • Unofficial build for Mac OS 10.12. Released November 2016.
  • Updated version on GitHub - Supports Unicode. Updated by new developers. Note the Issues for bug reporting has relative high levels of activity.
    • New features in the 25 August 2009 release include color support for Frotz/Z-Machine, copy/paste support to and from the text buffer, and Glk hyperlinks support.
    • Mac binary (1 Jan 2012) with increased undo buffer (needed for "undo" in Counterfeit Monkey)
  • Modified Gargoyle (description is in Italian though) (Broken link. No archived copy)
  • Gargoyle for Amazon Kindle for the e-ink low-power devices, which uses GTK 2.0 in the Kindles.