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Main part of article should really read "mainly text adventure games (IF)" - historically it was never called IF at this point, so it doesn't make logical sense to say it was mainly IF; plus it feels a little strange. Also note that "graphic adventures" at this time referred to IF with graphics. The contributor probably means "arcade adventures" by graphic adventures. (Later "graphic adventures" referred to point-and-click adventures.) --Smartgenes

About IF/text adventures: fair enough, although I was just using the term we use most often nowadays for this kind of game, so it didn't feel strange to me. (And historically, Infocom had already called them "interactive fictions", hadn't they? Even if it was certainly not the commonly used term, I admit.) I've edited the page; is it OK now?
About "purely graphic adventures": no, I didn't mean (or not only) "arcade adventures" (and certainly not IF with illustrations: that's why I added "purely"), but rather games with graphics but also icons or menus instead of a parser: there were already a few of them at the time. I guess you could call them "point'n'click", but to me, that name reminds me of games played with the mouse rather than the keyboard or joystick; I may be wrong, though...
And yes, I know all my links to the pages are now dead. Sigh. The CPCWiki team removed the scans not long after I collected these links; I had hoped they would put them back, but it seems that it never happened... --Eriorg 04:27, 7 February 2011 (UTC)