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To Mike Snyder, about your change Removed testing credit of Beyond (I don't think I tested that one):

Well, in release 3 of Beyond (not the IF Comp version), in the ABOUT menu ("Credit and Thanks" section), there's this:

Most of all a big bunch of thanks to the brave beta- and play-tester staff: David Welbourn, Francesco Sircana, Dan Shiovitz, Pablo 'Depresiv' Martinez, Adam Atkinson, Sean Ross, Giovanni Riccardi, Mike Snyder, Alberto Piva, and Erin Gautsche, and also to Marco Dattesi and Vincenzo Scarpa, testers for the italian translation. They have made Beyond a much better game.

Do you think it's a mistake? (Or perhaps it wasn't real beta-testing, only a few remarks or bug reports?) --Eriorg 06:05, 6 August 2008 (PDT)