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IF enthusiast, occasional reviewer, and (finally) writer. JoshuaH on ifMUD. Pitching in since I refer to IFWiki quite often and would like to see it continue as a reference source. No copyright claimed on any edits. If I do something wrong or questionable, please tell me. Comments, suggestions, discussion, and critique always welcomed.


  • Add missing work and people pages for last few years of XYZZYs. 2013 done 'cept for creating an entry for inkle.
  • Adding missing competition placement info to pages for authors' People pages.
    • XYZZYs.
      • Style has been inconsistent for the XYZZYs. I was thinking of bringing them more in line with the terser IFComp format, which it seems more recent edits have done. Won't revise others' edits before asking for input.
    • Then other comps.




  • Create work pages for missing stuff over the past few years,

Done Did

  • Comp placement on authors' People pages for individual games works:
  1. Added for 2013 IFComp. Checked 2011-2013. Spot-checked a few each year from 1995-2010, corrected a handful of errors/added ties.
  2. Added Miss Congeniality and Golden Banana of Discord. Format: IFComp [year]: [place]; Miss Congeniality [place] (tie); Winner of Golden Banana of Discord.
  3. Added for 20th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition.
  • Added Works and People pages for missing XYZZY Awards 2013 entries. Lots of the works are stubs and should be filled out by folks more competent than I.