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I have been playing/looking at other people playing Adventure games since I was ~five, and possibly before.

Approximate computer path was BBC B -> Master 128 -> Archimedes A400 -> Archimedes A5000 -> RISC PC -> cheap and hideous PC laptop -> expensive and hideous PC laptop -> MacBook (sigh of relief) -> MacBook + Windows netbook.

More importantly, IF-wise... Homebrew early games -> Topologika, Level 9 -> hiatus -> Z-code (Curses, early 90s) -> fascination with Infocom and bought the Lost Treasures of same -> Photopia, etc -> University and less time for games -> long commute, IF on Palm/iPod Touch.

Vast amounts of my adventuring was done vicariously through the columns of the Mad Hatter in Micro User and, later, Graham Nelson in Acorn User. It's a shame that so little of these columns is available online: I'm sure they were seminal for British adventurers.

I also have a lesser interest in Rougelikes.

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