12th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition

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The 12th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition was organized by Stephen Granade.

2006 IF Comp Results

  1. Floatpoint (Emily Short; Glulx).
  2. The Primrose Path (Nolan Bonvouloir; Z-code).
  3. The Elysium Enigma (Eric Eve; TADS 3).
  4. The Traveling Swordsman (Mike Snyder as Anonymous; Hugo).
  5. Moon-Shaped (Jason Ermer; Z-code).
  6. Delightful Wallpaper (Andrew Plotkin as "Edgar O. Weyrd"; Z-code).
  7. Legion (Jason Devlin as "Ian Anderson"; Z-code).
  8. Madam Spider's Web (Sara Dee; Z-code).
  9. Möbius (J. D. Clemens; Z-code).
  10. Unauthorized Termination (Richard Otter; ADRIFT).
  11. Game Producer! (Jason Bergman; Z-code).
  12. The Sisters (James Webb as "revgiblet"; ADRIFT).
  13. Star City (Mark Sachs; Z-code).
  14. Strange Geometries (Phillip Chambers; Z-code).
  15. The Tower of the Elephant (Tor Andersson; Z-code).
  16. Aunts and Butlers (Robin Johnson; Versificator).
  17. Xen: The Hunt (Ian Shlasko; TADS 3).
  18. Labyrinth (Samantha Casanova Preuninger; Z-code).
  19. Requiem (David Whyld; ADRIFT).
  20. Carmen Devine: Supernatural Troubleshooter (Rob Myall; Z-code).
  21. The Bible Retold (Justin Morgan and "Celestianpower"; Z-code).
  22. Another Goddamn Escape the Locked Room Game (Riff Conner; Z-code).
  23. Fight or Flight (Sean Krauss as "geelpete"; Z-code).
  24. MANALIVE, A Mystery of Madness - I (Bill Powell; Z-code).
  25. Hedge (Steven Richards; Z-code).
  26. A Broken Man (Geoff Fortytwo; TADS 3).
  27. Polendina (Christopher Lewis; Z-code).
  28. Initial State (Matt Barton; MS-DOS).
  29. MANALIVE, A Mystery of Madness - II (Bill Powell; Z-code).
  30. Pathfinder (Tony Woods; Z-code).
  31. The Apocalypse Clock (GlorbWare; Z-code).
  32. The Wumpus Run (Cheryl Howard as "Elfindor"; ADRIFT).
  33. Ballymun Adventure (Brendan Cribbin; TADS 2).
  34. Tentellian Island (Zack Wood as "Waru"; Java).
  35. Lawn of Love (Santoonie Corporation; TADS 2).
  36. Beam (Madrone Eddy; Quest).
  37. Enter the Dark (Peter R. Shushmaruk; Alan).
  38. Green Falls (Paul Allen Panks as "Dunric"; MS-DOS).
  39. Sisyphus (Theo Koutz; Z-code); tied with
    Visocica (Thorben Bürgel; T.A.G.; German).
  40. Simple Adventure (Paul Allen Panks as "Dunric"; MS-DOS).
  41. Fetter's Grim (Paul Allen Panks as "Dunric"; MS-DOS).
  42. PTGOOD 8*10^23 (Sartre Malvolio; ADRIFT).


2006 Miss Congeniality Awards

These awards were voted by the authors of the entries.

  1. Delightful Wallpaper (Andrew Plotkin as "Edgar O. Weyrd"; Z-code).
  2. The Elysium Enigma (Eric Eve; TADS 3).
  3. Floatpoint (Emily Short; Glulx).



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