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An acronym for Adventure LANguage, Alan is an authoring system designed to make it easier for people unfamiliar with programming to write IF, or text-adventure games. It was created by Thomas Nilsson and Göran Forslund in 1985 and is continuously updated and maintained by Thomas Nilsson.

The language features a self-documenting, English-like syntax, possibly inspired by COBOL, and several built-in classes of objects commonly used in IF. Version 3 of Alan comes with complete object orientation, inheritance and an extensive library. It supports author defined player syntax and input checks, customization of built-in classes through inheritance, actors than can perform scripted actions, events that can be scheduled, and rules that monitor the game world and triggers when a particular condition arises.

Primary platforms are Windows, MacOSX and Linux. Interpreters are either commandline or GUI (e.g. WinArun) or slot-ins in Gargoyle.

(Version two of the system is now considered obsolete as v3 is fully matured and has entered beta stage.)