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Baf's Guide to the IF Archive was a website that attempted to catalogue every game within the massive IF Archive. Carl Muckenhoupt, known as "Baf", created the guide in 1995 and maintained and upgraded it over the years, assisted by a small army of contributors.


Visitors to Baf's Guide primarily searched for a game by its title or its author. A game listing on Baf's Guide would have included quite a bit of information about that game, including its genre(s), year of release, publisher, platform, features within the game (does it have a maze? just one-room? a female protagonist? offensive content?, etc.), which competition(s) it was in, sometimes a short review, and more.

However, the primary feature that every game listing had were links to the files within the IF Archive so that the games could be directly downloaded and played.


Around 2009 or so, updates to Baf's Guide slowed to a halt, and the site is currently down indefinitely.[1] IFDB now serves the purpose Baf's Guide had, by cataloguing information, reviews, and links to games in the IF Archive.

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