Cannery Vale

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IF Comp 2018
9th of 77
Cannery Vale
Author(s) Hanon Ondricek
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Release date(s) 01-Oct-2018
Authoring system AXMA Story Maker
Platform(s) Web browser
Language(s) English
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How It Begins

An author seeks distraction-free isolation in a hotel room of a historically-storied inn to provide inspiration for a new horror novel manuscript.

Contains Mature Content. Sexuality/Violence/Language. Prose explicitness may be adjusted in game.

Notable Features

  • The game contains a "prose explicitness" setting with three levels (reminiscent of Leather Goddesses of Phobos's TAME/SUGGESTIVE/LEWD toggle) which will vary details in certain passages of text and restrict some choices. On the lowest setting, one major optional area of the game is completely off-limits to the player. Cannery Vale is still only recommended for mature audiences even when played on the lowest explicitness setting.

Did You Know

  • The author's 2016 release Fair contains a reference to Cannery Vale.


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