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Informally, here are some suggestions/recommendations for categories. (This is a rough draft; I just want to jot down a few thoughts first.)

Naming of Categories

  • The name of a category should be plural, unless singular makes more sense. So "Tropes", not "Trope"; "Competitions", not "Competition", and so on. However, it would be silly to insist on plurals all the time. Categories like "2000" or "Inform" are just fine. This is a guideline, not a rule; common sense should overrule it.
  • Short names before long names.
  • IF-ness is assumed. It should be rare that we need to explicitly mention IF within a category name. So, prefer "Tropes" over "IF Tropes"; "Competitions" over "IF Competitions".
  • Avoid uppercase in category names if unneeded or uncustomary. Again, common sense can over rule this. So I'd prefer "Adrift" over "ADRIFT"; "Style guides" over "Style Guides", and so on.
  • What do we want to recommend with respect to non-ASCII characters in category names? Do we prefer Category:Clichés or Category:Cliches? My current thought is to go without the accents in category names, but I could be persuaded either way on this issue.
  • Editing existing categories to achieve consistency in the above suggestions isn't a high priority. Do try to follow them when creating new categories, though.

Hierarchy of Categories

  • There will be a new top level category called Basics. All other categories should be a subcategory of either Basics or some other category, or possibly both if it seems appropriate.