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NOTE: This category has been replaced with Category:Works.

Beginning in October 2014, as part of the cultural and ideological shift in interactive fiction, IFWiki will use "works of interactive fiction", "works of IF", "IF works", or "works" instead of "games" when referring to an arbitrary or generic set of IF offerings. In category names, we will simply say "Works". It's become increasingly obvious that works of interactive fiction aren't limited to just games (in the sense of a challenging entertainment that can be won or lost) but also include what we'd call stories, art pieces, and toys -- and possibly other sorts of things as well. In truth, IF has included such non-games for quite some time, but we've collectively called everything "games" regardless. Unfortunately, calling all IF "games" has the unfortunate side-effect in thinking that works that aren't games don't belong. So, we're changing our terminology.

Discussion on this topic can be found at .

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