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ChickenComp was a minicomp organized in June 1998 by Adam Cadre. You can play some of these games on-line at


This is a call for tiny games by anyone who would like to contribute. The theme of the game should be:


Do anything you like with this theme. A first-person "you are the chicken" approach is fine; a game set in a cafe where a pretentious grad student compares road-crossing chickens to the plight of the proletariat in post-Marxist society is also fine. All I ask is that the chicken crossing the road should be readily apparent (please, no games about something entirely unrelated except for the fact that >XYZZY produces the response, "A hollow voice says, 'Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!'") and that the game be short. If you spend more than an afternoon or two on it, you're missing the point.