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In Z-machine games

On the Z-machine, some games use ASCII art in a three-row tall status bar to represent the compass rose. Normally, capitalized abbreviations for the directions are used to show a valid direction of travel from the current location, arranged around some neutral character that doesn't change. When a part of the rose is left blank, that usually means that travel in the corresponding direction is not possible.

The directions up and down, if in the game, are represented by positions on one side of the rose with either a "U" or "Up" placed above a "D" or "Down".

The directions in and out, if represented at all, would likely go on the other side of the rose to balance the up and down directions. Absence of in and out directions in the rose does not mean those directions are not valid choices in the game. It may be that the in and out directions always duplicate standard directions in the rose, and are omitted as superfluous.


   W  .  E
Example 1: Bronze (Emily Short; 2006).
Color is used to convey additional information. In this case, red means an unexplored direction while navy (or the default color) means explored. Also, the rose is more spaced out than typical.
NW ^ ^
 W @ E 
SW ^
Example 2: A New Life (Alexandre Owen Muñiz; 2005).
Carets are used to represent mountains or steep hills in the appropriate directions. Also, visible directions only show the obvious paths; hidden paths might hide in the blank portions of the compass.
 W * E  In
SW S SE Down
Example 3: Mother Loose (Irene Callaci; 1998).
The directions "In" and "Out" share the same slot in the sidebar, between "Up" and "Down".
Example 4: Winter Wonderland (Laura A. Knauth; 1999).
Directions are indicated not with abbreviations but with straight lines (hyphen, vertical bar, slash, and backslash) and arranged like spokes on a wheel.
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