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ECTOCOMP 2014 is a 3-hour comp for Hallowe'en, organized by J. J. Guest and Duncan Bowsman. It is the eighth Ectocomp competition.


  • Submission deadline: October 30, 2014, midnight Pacific Standard Time.
  • Games released: October 31, 2014.
  • Voting deadline: November 24, 2014.


  1. Candlesmoke (Caelyn Sandel and Carolyn VanEseltine; Twine)
  2. It Is Pitch Black (Caelyn Sandel; Twine)
  3. Devil's Food (Hanon Ondricek; AXMA)
  4. Lisey (Marco Innocenti; Inform 7)
  5. Wedding Day (E. Joyce; Inform 7)
  6. Lime Ergot (Caleb Wilson as "Rust Blight"; Inform 7)
  7. First Person (Buster Hudson; Inform 7)
  8. Candy Rush Saga (Andrew Schultz; Inform 7)
  9. Eclosion (Buster Hudson; Twine)
  10. The Voodoo You Do 2 (Marshal Tenner Winter; Inform 7)
  11. A Fly on the Wall (Nigel Jayne; Inform 7)
  12. Choose Your Own SPOOKY Death (Healy; Twine)
  13. Another Cliched Adventure Game (David Whyld; Twine) and City of the Living Dead by (Joshua Houk as "Tanah Atkinson"; Twine)
  14. The Weird Mirror (M.J. Antonellis; Twine)
  15. Carriage Returns (David Good; Inform 7)
  16. Character Creator (Erin Gigglecreek; Inform 7)
  17. halloween candy triage simulator (j. marie; Twine)
  18. IDSPISPOPD (Christopher Brent; Web)


  • Ectocomp 2014 - Interactive Fiction Community Forum, October 1, 2014.