Futz Mutz

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Green IF comp ribbon.png
IF Comp 2000
25th of 53
Futz Mutz
Author(s) Tim Simmons
Publisher(s) n/a
Release date(s) 2000
Authoring system TADS 2
Platform(s) TADS 2
Language(s) English
License(s) Freeware
Color effects none
Graphics optional
Sound/Music optional
Cruelty scale Cruelty to be determined

How It Begins

You are a 9-year old boy, excited for the vacation. However, when you wake up, you realize that you're a dog, and what's more you're locked inside a cage in a pet shop. You are carrying nothing, except for a number of annoying fleas. Soon, your mother comes into the shop and expresses the wish to purchase a poodle, which you aren't. You need to somehow get back home.

Notable Features


Release TBD


General info



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