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This is an area for organising the development of IFWiki, in the spirit of the original Wikipedia Community portal. (IFWiki runs MediaWiki, the Wikipedia software, but we are not otherwise affiliated.)

To Do

Main article: IFWiki:To-do list

These are tasks that we're working on in the wiki.

We're always looking for content about IF games, old and new, of course.

But March (2007) might be a good time to step back and review the state of IFWiki so far, and see if we're on track. Or maybe experiment with new types of content. Or just try to reduce the number of red links where we find them. Maybe even look at that old dusty To-do list that's up there.

Vandalism Alerts

Main article: IFWiki:Vandalism. Previous years: IFWiki:Vandalism/Archive 1 (2005–2008)

Vandalism in 2009

  • User:Blackjack created A day in life with inappropriate content, insulting that game's author, on Apr 04, 2009.
  • User:NovilIzelr spammed 9:05 on May 21, 2009.
  • User:DronrEldel spammed The Bible Retold on May 22, 2009.
  • Several users with names in the format "[2-or-3-digit number] buy [something]" created spam user pages for themselves on June 8, 2009. Possibly this was a bot spamming us. They bothered us for several days. UPDATE: We keep attempting to block these guys through June, July, August, but they keep mutating their attack.
  • User:Mdjww created a Runescape-based page in early July. Not in English, though.
  • User:OloorTacoo and User:DomleToout spammed The Bible Retold and 9:05 respectively on July 9, 2009. Hm, those pages were spammed in May. Also, the technique was to add the spam then delete it; is it enough for them that it's in the page's history?
  • User:LaeltRelro spammed 9:05, User:CnaolOrelc spammed The Bible Retold on Aug 18, 2009, same way as it was done in July. (I don't get it. What's special about those two pages in particular?)
  • User:LazelEltor spammed David Fillmore on Sept 2, 2009, again via two edits: one to add the spam, and the second to delete it.
  • User:Makhishewittl, User:Happyocombss and several other similar spam accounts created spam user pages for themselves on Oct 12 to 17, 2009. They were more annoying than usual because the height of their ads blocked anyone from clicking any of the tabs at the top of the page.
  • Good news! On Oct 17, 2009, baf updated our copy of MediaWiki and added a few extensions, one of which will require new users to solve a captcha as part of the registration process. This should prevent a few spambots from creating new accounts at will. Another extension allows IFWiki bureaucrats to merge accounts together and delete one of them; Dswxyz will use it to start deleting the most obvious spam accounts from the system.

Vandalism in 2010

  • User:Gentleman Flying created a spam page on May 18, 2010.
  • User:Xuebao created a similar spam page on May 25, 2010.
  • User:Rebeca123 added a spam link to the Nerd Quest page on July 15, 2010.
  • Zhenxi840611, then Lxw840611 created the same spam page on July 31 and Aug 1, respectively.


IFWiki uses many categories to organize pages. The top-level category is Basics.

Some notable categories are:

This is an automatically generated list of categories.


  • Category:User pages is where to find the pages that IFWiki users have created about themselves. Few users have bothered to do this, and others have opted to redirect their user pages to the more formalized pages about themselves in Category:People, if only so their username doesn't display as a red link when they sign a comment.
  • Special:Listusers is an automatically generated list of all IFWiki user accounts. Names in red have created user accounts but have not created their user page.
  • IFWiki:Administrators shows a summary of IFWiki's caretakers and their usual roles in keeping IFWiki running.

Wanted Pages

This is an automatically generated list of pages that have been named in links, but not yet created. Go have at them. Note, some of these may be misspellings, you may want to modify the link in that case, others may be correct alternative spellings/namings or concepts which could be merged, in which case creating a redirect is probably best. Please make sure a page does not exist before you create a new one.

Technical Problems

If you have a technical problem with IFWiki, please ask about it on the IFWiki talk:Community portal page. It may take time for someone knowledgable with tech stuff to respond though, so please be patient.

New Genres

One genre that I think is missing is a Holiday genre, for games taking place during for example Easter, Christmas or Halloween. Although most holidays are based on religion, the games are frequently not (e.g., Escape From Santaland), and I don’t think the existing Religious genre would be appropriate. I’m not sure Holiday is be the best name for the genre, though, as that might easily be seen to include summer holiday/vacation games, which aren’t especially ‘holiday-themed’. Any comments? --Huftis 14:46, 22 October 2011 (PDT)