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Incant is an open source experimental Android app for Z-machine and Glulx works. Incant is focused on speech input and output and a video was released on YouTube demonstrating this capability. It is pure Java for interpreter and does not use the Android NDK or established Glk libraries. Incant supports sound and graphics, for example with the story Six. It was first available July 15, 2014 (with version 0.2 released September 9, 2014). As an Android app, it is technically notable for it's small size (201 KB APK for version 0.2) given that it includes two complete interpreters.

In February 2017, Wake Reality released an alpha test version named "Incant! for Thunderword" in pre-release on Google Play and for APK direct side-loading on GitHub. Beyond the 2014 pre-release version, this has the ability to disable the speech input and output, introduction message, and launcher ability for Thunderword app. The source code for all changes are also published on GitHub and developers in the IF community have been encouraged to utilize and extend the app.