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Magnetic is an interpreter for Magnetic Scrolls games. Although only seven games were made between 1985 and 1991. They have often been described as text adventures of as good as Infocom with great graphics.


  • Amiga by David Kinder.
  • Dreamcast by Eytan Kaziberdov.
  • Debian/Ubuntu by Christian Garbs.
  • DOS by David Kinder.
  • GEM "GEMagnetic 0.8" by Dan Ackerman.
  • Java "JMagnetic 2" by Stefan Meier.
  • Linux/GTK (Source only)by Torbjörn Andersson.
  • Linux/glk by Simon Baldwin.
  • Mac OS X "MagnetiX 1.2" by Jan Schliemann.
  • Nintendo DS by papafuji.
  • PalmOS 3/4/5 "Kronos 1.47" by Jeff Mitchell.
  • Windows by David Kinder.
  • Windows CE by James Moore.
  • RISC OS Shaun Lindsley and Phil Mellor.