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Copyright and Licensing Information - PLEASE READ!

Please note that all contributions to IFWiki are either public domain or licensed by the original page creator. The default is automatically set to public domain. If you wish to set a license such as Creative Commons or if you wish to manage a copyrighted article, you may do so by clicking the license tab from your article and adding the appropriate licensing text.

It is IFWiki's intent that most or all content be public domain. In the event that a page creator specifies a license, they are responsible for the content even if other people edit it. IFWiki is not responsible for content including copyright notices, attribution, or editing policies. You should maintain a copy of your work outside of IFWiki.

By placing your content on IFWiki, you give explicit permission to publish your material on IFWiki or any of its mirrors. If you wish to have your material deleted, please submit a written request to

By clicking the Save Page button, you are agreeing to these terms.