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    This page is about the ADRIFT author, Dana Crane.

    For the genre about detectives and sleuthing, see: Category:Mystery.

Author Credits

Organizational Credits

  • Second editor of the InsideADRIFT newsletter, beginning with issue 3 in February 2003 and ending with issue 7 in June 2003.

Game Appearances

  • ADRIFT-O-Rama (Mystery; 2003; ADRIFT 4). One of the mini-golf holes is called "Mystery's Hole" which features purple clouds and a maze made from several turning segmented paths. Also, Mystery makes a cameo appearance when you sink your ball.
  • ADRIFTMAS Party (Mystery; 2002, ADRIFT 4). As an NPC, Mystery is the hostess/organizer of a Christmas party held at Campbell Wild's house.