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r*if spam Speed-IF, the sixty-sixth Speed-IF, was organized by Jesse McGrew (vaporware) sometime in late September 2009. The probable start date was Saturday September 19th, 2009. The only entry arrived around 9pm EST on September 25th, although it was already the 26th in Europe where the author was.


Write a game (or transcript) which prominently features commands or items taken from the two-word subjects of spam posts from the newsgroups. Bonus points if the game can be solved by typing only those subjects. For example: AFRICAN FILMS, BEACH IMAGES, CALL INTERNATIONAL, COLON CLEANSE, CROSSWORD PUZZLE, EROTIC PICTURES, GMC YUKON, GRILL STEAK, HACK PSP, HARDCORE PORN, HUMOR VIDEOS, KNIGHT MOVIES, LUNG PICTURES, LUCID DREAM, MUSIC STORES, NEWBORN PICTURES, RAPIDSHARE DOWNLOAD, THUMB GIRLS, USE CONDOM, WALT DISNEY, YANKEES GAMES. Sign here.


(Download link to come.)

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