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* untitled ([[Peter Berman]]; [[TADS 2]]). File: speed.gam.
* [[untitled (speed.gam)|untitled]] ([[Peter Berman]]; [[TADS 2]]). File: speed.gam.
* untitled ([[Lenny Pitts]]; [[TADS 2]]). File: onion2.gam.
* [[untitled (onion2.gam)|untitled]] ([[Lenny Pitts]]; TADS 2). File: onion2.gam.
* ''Digging For Onions'' ([[Christopher Huang]]; [[Z-code]]). File: ONIONDIG.Z5.
* ''[[Digging For Onions]]'' ([[Christopher Huang]]; [[Z-code]]). File: ONIONDIG.Z5.
* ''FIRST WAVE, Then Jump Up and Down Screaming'' ([[L. Ross Raszewski]]; [[Z-code]]). File: n.z5.
* ''[[FIRST WAVE, Then Jump Up and Down Screaming]]'' ([[L. Ross Raszewski]]; Z-code). File: n.z5.
* ''I don't remember why this game is called "Onion"'' ([[Dan Shiovitz]]; [[TADS 2]]). File: ONION.GAM.
* ''[[I don't remember why this game is called "Onion"]]'' ([[Dan Shiovitz]]; TADS 2). File: ONION.GAM.
* ''Nostradamus's Onion Sandwich'' ([[David Cornelson]]; [[Z-code]]). File: onion4.z5.
* ''[[Nostradamus's Onion Sandwich]]'' ([[David Cornelson]]; Z-code). File: onion4.z5.
* ''The Onion of Destiny'' ([[Jason Dyer]]; [[Hugo]]). File: DESTINY.HEX.
* ''[[The Onion of Destiny]]'' ([[Jason Dyer]]; [[Hugo]]). File: DESTINY.HEX.
* ''OnNoEf'' ([[Evin Robertson]]; [[Z-code]]). File: OnNoEf.z5.
* ''[[OnNoEf]]'' ([[Evin Robertson]]; Z-code). File: OnNoEf.z5.
* ''The Profesee'' ([[Dan Schmidt]]; [[Z-code]]). File: Profesee.z5.
* ''[[The Profesee]]'' ([[Dan Schmidt]]; Z-code). File: Profesee.z5.
* ''Tears May Fall'' ([[Ryan Freebern]]; [[Z-code]]). File: prophecy.z5.
* ''[[Tears May Fall]]'' ([[Ryan Freebern]]; Z-code). File: prophecy.z5.

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The fourth Speed-IF was on September 10, 1999, and was organized by David Cornelson.


Create a game in 1 hour with 3 rooms, a bathroom, on top of the Eiffel Tower, with an onion, and Notradamus. GO!



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