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* ''A Gummi Bear's Night Out'' ([[Roger Carbol]]; [[TADS 2]]). File: gummi.gam.
* ''[[A Gummi Bear's Night Out]]'' ([[Roger Carbol]]; [[TADS 2]]). File: gummi.gam.
* ''Losing Your Step'' ([[Gunther Schmidl]]; [[Z-code]]). File: tsalal.z5.
* ''[[Losing Your Step]]'' ([[Gunther Schmidl]]; [[Z-code]]). File: tsalal.z5.
* ''The Old Sherwood Cemetary'' ([[Duchess]]; [[Z-code]]). File: halloween.z5.
* ''[[The Old Sherwood Cemetary]]'' ([[Duchess]]; Z-code). File: halloween.z5.
* ''Rivkin'' ([[Peter Berman]]; [[TADS 2]]). File: mcp103102.gam.
* ''[[Rivkin]]'' (Anonymous; TADS 2). File: mcp103102.gam.
* ''Yellow Dog Running'' ([[Sam Kabo Ashwell]]; [[TADS 2]]). File: darksong.gam.
* ''[[Yellow Dog Running]]'' ([[Sam Kabo Ashwell]]; TADS 2). File: darksong.gam.
Also included:
Also included:

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The thirty-eighth Speed-IF was on October 31, 2002 and organized by Gunther Schmidl.


I think there should be one again, it's traditional. So take any two hours on October 31, and write one; then sign below with the URL!

Oh yeah, parameters. Include one or more of the following: flying nun; godzilla in a little bo peep costume, or vice versa; candy; hollowed-out pumpkin with light inside; rheumatism


Also included:

  • Prologue to "Night of the Pumpkin" (Sean Barrett). File: pumpkin.htm. Not a game.

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