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[[Stéphane Flauder]] is a [[French]] author. He also uses the aliases '''Stéphane F.'''.
'''Stéphane F.''' is a [[French]] author.
==Author Credits==
==Author Credits==
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* [https://stephanef.itch.io/ Itch.Io account].
* [https://stephanef.itch.io/ Itch.Io account].
[[Category:People|Flauder, Stephane]]
[[Category:People|F, Stephane]]
[[Category:French|Flauder, Stephane]]
[[Category:French|F, Stephane]]
[[Category:Inform 7 authors|Flauder, Stephane]]
[[Category:Inform 7 authors|F, Stephane]]

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Stéphane F. is a French author.

Author Credits

NOTE: All these games are in French.